About Us

Established in 2010 in Dubai and guided by the vision of Dr. Mo’tasim Etaiwi, Regional Pharma is now established as a Marketing and Exclusive Distribution of Healthcare products in the Middle East... Effectively!

Regional Pharma is a service provider to Pharmaceutical, para pharmaceuticals, Cosmaceuticals medications, Medical Devices and Biotech companies and we follow and implement Modern Marketing concepts starting from surveying the markets, research, identifying potentiality, registration, pricing, planning, forecasting, budgeting, logistics, distribution, advanced marketing strategies, sales and follow ups, as one contact point for all your activities including Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Plan, on behalf of its partners in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets.



To acquire an exclusive marketing & distribution rights, and to process registration  of International Healthcare/ Pharmaceutical companies from Europe to the Middle East region

To establish and develop a successful business for International Healthcare/ Pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East region


To build Regional Pharma Trading DMCC as an Influential Icon in the region that drive the establishment and development of healthcare/ pharmaceutical business of companies in the Middle East by implementing modern concepts of marketing and delivering the products through unparalleled network of distribution


To set up an International Business unit in Dubai for International Healthcare/ Pharmaceutical companies who offer breakthrough products and services by offering them a wide range of valuable missions, i.e. registration, distribution, marketing and sales in the Middle East

With the extensive expertise we have gained from working with Multinational/ International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in the Middle East, we have established an excellent network of well established local distribution channels in the territories.

Presently Regional Pharma is associated and bringing the best medications from the leading manufacturers through Exclusive Marketing & Distribution arrangements from Europe.


Business Opportunities


Yes, we are interested in products that have significant marketing size potential, finished breakthrough products, patented technology products, high quality products that address a significant unmet medical need. Connect with us info@regional-pharma.com or bd@regional-pharma.com